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What Is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA is a score created by Moz to predict website rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Scores range from 1-100, with higher scores indicating a higher chance of a good ranking. There are many major factors that go into determining a DA score including the number of high-quality backlinks, quality internal links, the number of unique referring domains, and the overall moz domain authority of said domains. Generally speaking, getting backlinks from websites with high moz domain authority is strongly connected to building your own site’s DA.

Google is generally seen as the dominant search engine, meaning its ranking will be one of the most important SEO metrics for any site. Google will use an algorithm or a collection of algorithms to make decisions about its rankings. It’s important to note that DA is not used as a direct metric to determine their SERPs.

What Is Page Authority (PA)?

Page authority refers to the likelihood of a specific web page ranking in search results, or the authority of an individual page. Like a site’s overall domain authority score, PA is measured from 1-100, with higher scores meaning pages are more likely to rank higher in search engine results. Also, similar to DA, PA is determined by a variety of page SEO metrics that help Moz’s machine-learning algorithms to compare the page to thousands of other search results to produce a moz rank. It must be noted that when determining PA, Moz does not take on-page SEO elements such as keyword use or content optimizations into account.

How to use a Bulk DA Checker?

This bulk domain authority checker tool is a useful SEO tool that allows you to determine how authoritative different websites are. It’s a popular tool for search engine optimization professionals focused on link building. The authority scores for domain and page authority signify how much link equity would be transferred from a “do-follow” outlink from a specific site or page if it linked to your site. Increasing domain authority through building links has been quantitatively shown to improve your site’s ability to rank well in search engines for your content/keywords. The Moz Trust and Moz Spam Score metrics tend to be less meaningful when you study larger website datasets, but on occasion can help you spot and avoid low-quality websites.


Benefits of Classified Submission

Benefits of Classified Submission

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